Rapid Purging System Size 12″


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RAPID PuRge™ system Size 12″

Sizing and Specification


RP12                     Rapid Purge™ 12″             300 mm              291 – 316 mm            2.1 kg


Purge larger diameter pipes faster than ever!

Used for stainless, duplex and chrome steels, titanium, nickel and other alloy materials, Rapid Purge™ systems enable high speed welding of pipe joints that have to be purged.

Designed to enable the user to produce high quality, reliable and repeatable welding  of stainless steel tube and pipe joints to ensure a very fast weld purge time and a very high quality weld root, free from oxidation and discolouration.

A 36” diameter pipe will purge to below 0.1% oxygen in less than 10 minutes and all smaller pipes correspondingly faster. Dramatic savings of time, gas and money can be made by using these systems. Due to the quality of the materials used, the Rapid Purge systems can be used over and over again further reducing manufacturing costs. As with all of PIPE inflatable purging systems, the Rapid Purge™ comes with preset valves, so are ready to use ‘straight out of the box’. And are developed specifically to enable high speed purging for any pipe welding application.

Features and advantages

• Typical purge times of less than 10 minutes!!!

• The unique “thru-bore” design of the central sleeve minimises the area to be purged, dramatically reducing the volume of gas required.

• Friction free coatings allow easy movement through pipes from one joint to another, even around bends and elbows.

• Ready to use, connects to a dedicated and regulated gas supply. Choose any flow rate up

to 80l/min. through the twin preset purge valve.

• A central (glow in the dark) strip allows fast and accurate alignment of the system to the centre point of the weld area.

• The inflatable dams and umbelical hose are covered with a heat resistant material and insulated accordingly for use at temperatures up to 250ºC.

How it works

The Rapid Purge™ Inflatable Pipe Purging Systems for pipe and vessel purging comprises

a tandem inflatable dam system connected by an umbilical hose and collar to reduce the

volume being purged. A gas exhaust valve is installed between the primary and secondary

dam, along with an auxiliary argon purge line. Each Rapid Purge™ System is covered with heat protective material, so that the higher temperatures closer to the weld do not damage the system. The robust design of the Rapid Purge™ Inflatable Pipe Weld Purging Systems allows for many years of repeatable trouble free use.

Standard sizes 8 to 80” are available in large quantities for immediate delivery from stock. Special sizes are available within 7 days.

Rapid Purge used to weld a stainless steel elbow.

Standard sizes 8 to 80” are available in large quantities for immediate delivery from stock.

Special sizes are available within 7 days.

Technical data Sheet and sizes can be found in the “Documents” section.

A carriage charge is applied to orders, for standard 1-2 day shipments to mainland destinations within the United Kingdom. Other destinations and premium services are available but subject to additional freight charges.


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