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Kemper Filter Tables

The KEMPER filter table is a must-have for any workshop or industrial setting where welding, grinding or cutting is frequently performed. Its steel construction and powder-coated housing make it resistant to wear and tear, while the integrated filter system ensures that harmful particles are effectively extracted from the air. The two-step filter, which includes a prefilter made of woven aluminium wire mesh and a main filter with a 99.9% efficiency, effectively removes hazardous particles. And, if needed, the table can also be equipped with an activated carbon filter to further purify the air. With its large working area and maintenance door, the KEMPER filter table is convenient to use and maintain. Plus, its downdraft extraction and spark protection features make it a safe choice for any workspace. Whether you're dealing with low to medium levels of smoke and dust or need a reliable solution for welding and grinding, the KEMPER filter table is an excellent choice....Read more

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  • Plasma & Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Table with Extraction Point

    99 841

    £1,532.92 ex VAT £1,839.50 inc VAT
  • KEMPER Filter Table / Fume Extraction Filter Table (950400001)


    £3,495.43 ex VAT £4,194.52 inc VAT
  • KEMPER Filter Table Main Filter & Filter Mat (1090010-1090013)


    £443.44 ex VAT £532.13 inc VAT
  • KEMPER Filter Table Activated Charcoal Filter (Optional) (1090345)


    £286.73 ex VAT £344.08 inc VAT

Showing all 4 results