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For unbeatable support during welding our range of Duo Pipe Stands have got you covered. Purpose-built to keep pipes secure and stable and produce smooth and seamless welds.

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  • Duo Pipe Stand Base


    £158.00 ex VAT £189.60 inc VAT
  • Duo Quick Change Ball Transfer Head – Pair


    £49.70 ex VAT £59.64 inc VAT
  • Duo Quick Change Steel Wheels – Pair


    £36.56 ex VAT £43.87 inc VAT
  • Duo Quick Change Nylon Wheels Head – Pair


    £38.24 ex VAT £45.89 inc VAT
  • Duo Quick Change Ball Transfer Head – Pair (S/ Steel)


    £57.35 ex VAT £68.82 inc VAT
  • Duo Quick Change Stainless Steel Wheels – Pair


    £42.06 ex VAT £50.47 inc VAT

Showing all 6 results

We offer a range of Duo pipe stands, designed to provide support and rotation for large diameter pipes in various applications. Our heavy-duty stands are made from durable materials and come with adjustable height settings for customizing the stand to your specific needs. With the added convenience of various accessories, including spares, our Duo pipe stands are a versatile solution for pipe rotation and feeding. Whether you’re working in construction, shipbuilding, or another industry that involves large pipes, our stands can help increase efficiency and productivity. Our product line includes a Duo Pipe Stand Base, Quick Change Ball Transfer Head, Stainless Steel Wheels, Nylon Wheels Head, and Steel Wheels, all designed for maximum durability and ease of use. Choose our Duo pipe stands for a reliable solution to your large pipe handling needs.