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Air Die Grinders

Air Die Grinders are the perfect tool for grinding jobs requiring precision and control. With a powerful motor and lightweight design, these grinders are designed to provide smooth operation and maximum control. Featuring a variety of head sizes and speeds, Air Die Grinders are perfect for grinding, polishing, and sanding in tight spaces. Their ergonomic and low vibration design make them ideal for a wide range of applications, from automotive to industrial. With Air Die Grinders, you can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our selection of die grinders includes standard grinders, micro grinders, super duty grinders and air die grinder kits with various of collet sizes for polishing and grinding metal components....Read more

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  • Air Die Grinder 1/4″ 6″ Extended (Super Duty) 20,000 rpm (AR-1504B)


    £104.72 ex VAT £125.66 inc VAT
  • Micro Die Grinder 1/8″ 54,000 rpm


    £61.04 ex VAT £73.25 inc VAT
  • Air Die Grinder 1/4″ (Super Duty)


    £48.70 ex VAT £58.44 inc VAT
  • Angle Head Air Die Grinder 1/4″ Collet (SP-G707A)


    £40.07 ex VAT £48.08 inc VAT
  • Air Die Grinder Kit – 14 Piece


    £37.80 ex VAT £45.36 inc VAT
  • Air Die Grinder 1/4″ 20,000 rpm ( SP-G700A)


    £31.30 ex VAT £37.56 inc VAT
  • Air Die Grinder 6 mm 22,000rpm (SP-G706A)


    £29.53 ex VAT £35.44 inc VAT

Showing all 7 results