Five Leg Pipe Stands & Spares



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Don’t let wobbly pipes disrupt your work. Our five leg pipe stands offer a rock-solid base for your pipes.

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  • Five Leg Pipe Stand with Vee Head


    £268.12 ex VAT £321.74 inc VAT
  • Wheel Kit

    £146.25 ex VAT £175.50 inc VAT
  • Stainless Steel Wheel Kit – 4 Wheels – 1.5″ Wide


    £66.25 ex VAT £79.50 inc VAT
  • Steel Wheel Kit – 4 Wheels – 1.5″ Wide


    £42.25 ex VAT £50.70 inc VAT
  • Hold Down Chain Lock


    £60.93 ex VAT £73.12 inc VAT
  • Stainless Steel Ball Transfer Kit – 1 x Pair


    £81.25 ex VAT £97.50 inc VAT
  • Nylon Steel Wheel Kit – 4 Wheels – 1.5″ Wide


    £55.25 ex VAT £66.30 inc VAT

Showing all 7 results

We offer a range of Five Leg Pipe Stands, ideal for supporting and stabilizing large diameter pipes in various welding and pipefitting applications. These stands are made from heavy-duty steel and have five legs for maximum stability, ensuring that the pipes remain in place during the welding process. The stands can accommodate pipes up to 36″ in size, making them suitable for use in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing. Additionally, optional casters can be added for easy movement and transportation. With increased steel dimensions, including a 1¾” solid Acme rod, our Five Leg Pipe Stands are among the toughest on the market, providing superior strength and durability. Choose from our selection of Five Leg Pipe Stands for reliable, stable, and secure pipe support during your welding projects.