Strip Curtains



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  • Clear PVC Welding Strip Curtains 200 x 2mm – 50 m


    £77.24 ex VAT £92.69 inc VAT
  • Clear PVC Welding Strip Curtains 300 x 3mm – 50 m


    £153.94 ex VAT £184.73 inc VAT
  • Clear PVC Welding Strip Curtains 400 x 4mm – 50 m


    £279.91 ex VAT £335.89 inc VAT

Showing all 3 results

Our clear PVC strip curtains are the perfect solution for any door or opening, no matter the size. Whether you need to divide a warehouse temporarily or provide access through a conveyor belt, these strips are versatile enough to handle it all. If you need something lightweight for pedestrian use, consider our 200x2mm range. Or, for more heavy-duty applications, our 400x4mm range is up to the task. These curtains can be used with any hanging system and are known for their excellent light transmission. They’re also hardwearing and suitable for a wide range of temperatures, from +38°C to -10°C.