Kemper Airwatch



Breathe easy and weld safer with the Kemper Airwatch systems. With its ability to monitor and document dust concentration and control room-ventilation and extraction systems, you can be sure that your employees are breathing fresh, clean air at all times.

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  • KEMPER AirWatch Air Monitoring System (390 200)

    390 200

    £1,305.75 ex VAT £1,566.90 inc VAT
  • Telescopic Tripod for KEMPER AirWatch

    390 251

    £143.78 ex VAT £172.54 inc VAT
  • KEMPER AirWatch Wall Mounting Bracket (390 250)

    390 250

    £35.18 ex VAT £42.22 inc VAT

Showing all 3 results

We offer Kemper AirWatch, the leading air monitoring system for welding supplies. Known for its reliability and accuracy, Kemper AirWatch ensures that the air quality in your workspace is always at optimal levels, promoting a safe and healthy working environment. Kemper has been a trusted name in welding supplies for years, and their commitment to quality is evident in the design and performance of the Kemper AirWatch system. Whether you have a small workshop or a large factory, Kemper AirWatch is the perfect solution for maintaining optimal air quality and productivity.