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By using a Weld Purge Monitor, you'll know exactly when it's safe to begin welding because it tells you when the residual oxygen concentration of the purge gas is low enough. This means you no longer have to rely on guesses and can save both time and reduce purge gas consumption. These monitors are essential for any welding application that requires critical weld standards to ensure the quality of the weld is not compromised by a contaminated atmosphere. With the Weld Purge Monitor, Welders and Welding Engineers can ensure they have the optimal conditions for consistently producing high-quality, repeatable welds....Read more

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  • MasterPurge Pro2 Plus Weld Purge Monitor – 0.5ppm (MPP2)


    £3,374.80 ex VAT £4,049.76 inc VAT
  • Purge Monitor Master Purge PRO2 Mobile


    £2,473.90 ex VAT £2,968.68 inc VAT
  • Purge Eye 100 Purge Monitor


    £413.17 ex VAT £495.80 inc VAT
  • Purge Monitor MasterPurge 100 – Hand Held


    £361.77 ex VAT £434.12 inc VAT
  • Handy Purge 100SC Self-Calibrating Weld Purge Monitor


    £320.00 ex VAT £384.00 inc VAT
  • Replacement Sensor for Handy 100 Weld Purge Monitor


    £153.12 ex VAT £183.74 inc VAT
  • Replacement Sensor for Weld Purge Monitors Series 100 & Series 100SC


    £153.12 ex VAT £183.74 inc VAT
  • Replacement Sensor for MasterPurge 100 Weld Purge Monitor


    £126.50 ex VAT £151.80 inc VAT

Showing all 8 results