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Pipe Welding Rotators

Our specialized pipe welding rotators are engineered for rotary welding tasks that demand large load capacities. They have a maximum load capacity of 5 tons and a maximum turning capacity of 7.5 tons. These rotators streamline the process of welding pipes and other circular objects, enabling welders to use their hands for the actual welding process, saving time and effort. They are a valuable addition to any manufacturing or fabrication workshop, as they eliminate the need for manual handling, increase productivity, and improve the quality of workmanship for welders at all skill levels....Read more

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  • 5 Tonne Pipe Rotator (240 – 2500 mm) – Single Drive

    MGWP CR5

    £4,710.58 ex VAT £5,652.70 inc VAT
  • Pipe Rotator 1 Tonne Capacity


    £2,623.50 ex VAT £3,148.20 inc VAT
  • 3 Tonne Pipe Rotators 50 mm – 1200 mm


    £2,473.56 ex VAT £2,968.27 inc VAT
  • Pipe Rollers One Ton Pipe Set – Diameter Range 50 mm – 500 mm


    £1,365.00 ex VAT £1,638.00 inc VAT

Showing all 4 results