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Air Needle Scalers are the perfect tool for removing rust, paint, and other debris from metal surfaces. Featuring a powerful air-driven motor, these scalers can quickly and efficiently remove corrosion and other contaminants from any metal surface. The ergonomic design of the scaler makes it easy to use, and the adjustable needle length and angle allow for precise control over the cleaning process. With Air Needle Scalers, you can quickly and easily restore metal surfaces to their original condition. Our needle scaler guns come in standard and super heavy duty models, allowing you to tackle even the toughest rust and paint scale!...Read more

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  • HD Needle Scaler Pistol Grip c/w 35 Needles 2,500


    £252.56 ex VAT £303.07 inc VAT
  • Air Needle Scaler Super Duty


    £238.41 ex VAT £286.09 inc VAT
  • Air Straight Needle Scaler c/w 19 Needles 3,700 Blows (SP-S95)


    £153.45 ex VAT £184.14 inc VAT
  • Needle Scaler Pistol Grip c/w 19 Needles 3,700


    £140.00 ex VAT £168.00 inc VAT
  • Single Head Scaler 7,000 Blows (p/min)


    £107.66 ex VAT £129.19 inc VAT
  • Needle Scaler Straight c/w 19 Needles 4,600 Blows


    £107.66 ex VAT £129.19 inc VAT
  • Workhorse Needle Scaler 3mm (19 Needles)


    £98.75 ex VAT £118.50 inc VAT

Showing all 7 results