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Bench & Wall Mounted Outlet Points

Bench and wall mounted gas outlet points are designed to provide a safe and convenient way for secondary regulation of low pressure pipeline high purity gases. These outlets are typically installed on a bench, wall or duct, and are ideally suited to secondary line pressure regulation at the point of use in laboratory, research and development, analytical facilities and many industries....Read more

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  • Spec-Master Integrated Inlet/Outlet Point (3960047030)


    £331.52 ex VAT £397.82 inc VAT
  • Lab Master Outlet Point Wall Mount

    Outlet Point Wall Mounted (No Regulator) (3960001391)


    £120.05 ex VAT £144.06 inc VAT
  • Outlet Point Bench Mounted (No Regulator) (3960001407)


    £120.05 ex VAT £144.06 inc VAT

Showing all 3 results