Export & Wholesale

Welding & Welder support customers with product enquiries and orders from more than 32 countries throughout the world.

Comprehensive links with International Freight Forwarders and Export Houses added to the ability to facilitate collection direct from manufacturers warehouses using export customers own freight accounts, goods are shipped quickly and smoothly.

Export documents, including Certificates of Conformity and Certificates of Origin attested by UK Chambers of Commerce can be provided to assist with Customs clearance and onward tracking.

Through long-term arrangements, with our supply partners, we are also able to produce competitively priced quotations for increase quantities of machines and welding consumables.

International organisations and large quantity end users, or export houses who require information, or a quote, please use this Enquiry Form, email address, or the telephone number shown below.

For all “Technical Enquiries”, please use the “Technical Enquiry Form” by clicking here.