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GeKa – ELIT NUT Gouging Electrodes (3.2mm) 4kg – Min Qty 2


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GeKa – ELIT NUT Gouging Electrodes (3.2mm) 4kg

Good for making welding grooves or removing defective weld beads. Very easy to use. Electrode must be held perpendicular to that of the work direction.

Features and Applications

Usability in making welding grooves, or in removing defective weld beads in all metals that cannot be worked through oxygen

Very easy to use

Arc start by holding the electrode perpendicular to that of the work direction, and by subsequently pushing it forward after approaching it at an angle of 15? to work direction

Groove depth of half of the electrodes coating thickness

Deeper grooves obtained only by repeating the operation after the work piece is cooled

Ideal for making grooves in non-alloyed and low alloyed steels, stainless steels, aluminium and aluminium alloys, copper and copper alloys, cast-iron and steel casts

Current Type: D.C.(-) / A.C.

Operating Data:

Diameter x Length (mm):

  • 3.20 x 350
  • 4.00 x 350
  • 5.00 x 350

Welding Current (A):

  • 180 – 240
  • 250 – 320
  • 360 – 500


  • Weight (Kg): 4
  • Carton Weight (Kg): 12 (for all three diameters)

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