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  • GeKa – 7010 LINK-P1 Electrodes (5.0mm) 5kg


    £42.50 ex VAT £51.00 inc VAT
  • Siftrode Cut Welding Electrodes – 4.0 mm x 5 Kg


    £51.07 ex VAT £61.28 inc VAT
  • Siftrode Cut Welding Electrodes – 3.2 mm x 5 Kg


    £51.43 ex VAT £61.72 inc VAT

Showing all 3 results

We offer a range of Cutting/Gouging Welding Electrodes that are specifically designed for various cutting and gouging applications in industries such as construction, mining, shipbuilding, and metalworking. These electrodes are ideal for removing old or damaged welds, cutting through thick metals, and gouging out cracks and defects.

Our cutting/gouging welding electrodes are available in different materials, including copper-coated graphite, carbon, and alloy steels, to suit different cutting and gouging requirements. They can be used with both AC and DC power sources and are suitable for both manual and automated cutting and gouging processes.

Whether you are looking for electrodes for heavy-duty cutting or precise gouging, we have a variety of options to choose from. Our welding electrodes are known for their high-quality and durability, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency in your welding applications. Browse our selection of cutting/gouging welding electrodes to find the perfect match for your needs.