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GeKa – 600 S ELHARD Electrodes (5.0mm) 6kg – Min Qty 2


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Basic coated electrode for hardfacing parts on earth and mineral machines, impact drilling and crushing devices, springs, bucket edged and teeth as well as other materials required to have high resistance to wear.


Features and Applications

Applicable in final layer hardfacing of parts of earth and mineral mining machines, impact drilling and crushing devices, guide springs, edges of cutting tools, hard manganese steels, bucket edges and teeth, all of which are made of alloyed or unalloyed steels, as well as in other materials required to have high resistance to wear

Electrode of basic type with thick coating

lnclusion of chromium-silicon alloy, very hard electrode

Weld metal with ductile and cracking resistant behaviours: Crack resistance to impact force due to its high ductility: Machinability of weld metal through grinding only

It is recommended to pre-heat at 200-300°C for welding thick work pieces and materials tending to get hardened: Requirement of 2-3 layers hardfacing to obtain the highest resistance to wear

Suitable for harder and/or higher quality steels to buffer layering with the GeKa electrodes LASER B 50, TEMPO B 63, or, in some cases, with the GeKa electrodes such as ELOX B307, ELOX R 312

Requirement of re-drying for min. 2 hours at temperatures of 300°C


StandardsCurrent Type
EN 14700 – E Fe 8D.C. (+)
DIN 8555 – E6UM-60P


Chemical Composition of Weld Metal % (Typical)


Mechanical Properties
Weld Metal Hardness (HRC)Soft Annealing
54 – 58780 – 820
Slow Cooling Furnace
1000 – 1050
in Oil
300 – 400


Welding Positions



Operating Data
Diameter x Length (mm)Welding Current (A)Package
Weight (Kg)
Weight (Kg)
3.20 x 350

4.00 x 450

5.00 x 450

100 – 140

140 – 180

180 – 230







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