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Carbo Durit S70E x 6.0mm


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CARBO DURIT S 70 E x 6.0mm
Standards DIN 8555 E21-UM-65-G

CARBO DURIT S 70 E a hard metal electrode with a sintered tungsten carbide core with an addition of Cr and Nb carbides and a coating for the Manual Metal Arc welding process.
It is specifically designed for hardfacing of parts exposed to extreme abrasion.

Typical applications
It is highly reccommended for applications where extreme abrasion by minerals with little impact may occur for example the brick, tile and clay industry.

Recommendations for best welding results
To get a good result the welding areas should be properly cleaned of rust, grease, soil and similar pollutions.
Preheat the area to be overlaid to 250°C . 350°C.
Best results are given by welding at low amperage, not more than 2 layers.
Gradual cooling is advised.

Hardness of weld metal
( typical values )
1. layer        2. layers
63-65 HRc    66-70 HRc
Weld metal analysis
% (typical)
WC Cr3C2 Nb Fe
70%    Balance

Dia./Length   Amperage (A)   kg/packet    
4,0 x 350           120-140              5                         
5,0 x 350           140-170              5                                       
6,0 x 350           170-220              6                                    

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