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Carbo Durflex Ni x 4.0mm


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Brand: Carboweld
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Standards DIN 8555 G 21-UM-50-CG
DIN EN 14700 T Ni20

Part No:DURFLEXNi4/10


Flexible welding rod for oxyacetylene welding. The weld-deposit consists of an NiSiB- matrix alloy bearing a high percentage of fused tungsten carbides.
CARBO DURFLEX Ni excels by producing smooth, clean seams and by its excellent flow characteristics which are due to the alloy.s low meltingpoint
of 950°- 1050° C.
The Ni-base matrix alloy provides excellent resistance to acids and alkaline-corrosive media.
CARBO DURFLEX Ni is used for applications which are subject to extremely strong abrasive wear combined with corrosion stress.

Typical applications

Hardfacings on tools and equipment parts made of ferritic and austeniticsteels, e.g. mixing blades, grinding plates, stabilizers in petroleum
exploration, slurry pump valves, molding sand preparation plants, etc.

Recommendations for best welding results
Thoroughly clean the welding zones from corrosion, grease, scale and other contamination.
Depending on the alloy type, heavy work pieces may require preheating to 300 – 500°C andsmaller sections to approx. 650°C prior to commencing the
welding process.
Adjust the torch to a slight acetylene excess and a soft flame. To avoid overheating the base metal should be just starting to sweat, and
the deposit should not beinseted into the flame envelope.

Mechanical properties of all-weld metal
( typical values)

Hardness of matrix alloy
HRC ca.45

Hardness of fused tungsten carbides
(HV) > 2300

Weld metal analysis
(typical, wt. %)
NiSiB matrix       Fused tungsten carbides
37%                                 63%

Dia./Length    Grain sizes     Kg/packet
5.0 x 450        0,25-0,70           10,0
6.0 x 450        0,25-0,70           10,0
8.0 x 450        0,25-0,70           10,0

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