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  • Super Silicon No 9 FE – 6 mm x 5 Kg


    £90.78 ex VAT £108.94 inc VAT
  • Super Silicon No 9 FE – 5 mm x 5 Kg


    £107.36 ex VAT £128.83 inc VAT
  • Super Silicon No 9 FE – 4 mm x 1 Kg


    £33.70 ex VAT £40.44 inc VAT
  • Super Silicon No 9 FE – 10 mm x 5 Kg


    £73.60 ex VAT £88.32 inc VAT
  • Super Silicon No 9 FE – 4 mm x 5 Kg


    £115.94 ex VAT £139.13 inc VAT

Showing all 5 results

We offer a comprehensive range of Cast Iron Oxy-Acetylene Welding Rods for welding and repairing cast iron parts. These rods are specifically designed for use with oxy-acetylene gas welding and brazing applications. Cast Iron welding rods provide excellent corrosion resistance, machinability, and heat resistance, making them suitable for various industrial and automotive applications.

Our Cast Iron welding rods are ideal for repairing and joining cast iron components in applications such as automotive engine blocks, manifolds, pumps, and valves. They are also commonly used in the repair of heavy machinery, pipelines, and other industrial equipment.

We stock Cast Iron welding rods in various sizes and lengths to suit your needs. Our welding rods are made from premium quality materials, ensuring maximum strength, durability, and performance. Order online today, and experience the convenience of having your welding supplies delivered straight to your doorstep.