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Aluminium Solder – 555 Al Solder Self-Fluxing – 3 mm – 1 Kg


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Self fluxing solder for use on Aluminium and its alloys.

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Aluminium Solder – 555 Al Solder Self-Fluxing – 3 mm – 1 Kg

Self fluxing solder for use on Aluminium and its alloys.

Aluminium alloys can be gas welded or brazed, but the removal of flux residue is most important, as its corrosive action will continue after the joint has been completed.

SIF 555 AL Solder is a self fluxing solder for use on aluminium and its alloys, which reduces the over fluxing problem and makes aluminium soldering quick and easy.

Material to be Welded

This process is commonly used by manufacturers of aluminium windows and doors. It is ideal for repairing and sealing defects in aluminium boats, gutters, engine parts, castings and sheets, being specially recommended for applications where flux residue removal is a problem. The correct procedure is as follows: cracks and joints should be bevelled to a 60° to 90° Vee.

Remove all dirt, grease and foreign material from the surface to be bonded. For a higher strength bond, roughen the surface before applying the alloy. Using a carburizing flame, heat the part broadly. As the temperature approaches 370°C, rub the rod on the surface to be soldered. Continue heating base metal until enough heat is present to cause the rod to melt off when it is rubbed on the joint.

Do not overheat, but be sure the entire joint surface is tinned before adding additional alloy to make a build-up.

Tinning actions may be improved by using a clean stainless steel wire brush to brush through the molten metal to the base metal surface. Allow part to cool slowly.


Suitable for use in repair and maintenance, aluminium windows, door manufacturing, and marine, aerospace, and automotive industries.

Welding Positions

welding positions

Typical Metal Weld Composition

Zn 93%
Al 4%
Cu 3%

Typical Mechanical Properties

Melting Point 380°C
Ultimate Tensile Strength 200 N/mm²
Hardness 100


Product Type Gas Rods – Brazing
Part Number RO553201
Weight 1 KG
Diameter 3.0mm
Melting Point DegC 380
U.T.S. N/mm2 200

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