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Propane Superheating Neck 27″ (BFSN27/SSBN28/1152)


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Brand: Weldability Sif
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  • Addition of a propane mixer (BB5004), neck and suitable nozzle required.
  • Can be used with HD shank & mixer.
  • Propane heating process.
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Propane Superheating Neck 27″ (BFSN27/SSBN28/1152)

H Type propane heating neck, available in a range of sizes with increasing heating ability. Can be used with HD shank & mixer

Propane heating is an ideal process for when large volumes of intense heat over a wide area are required, in applications such as shaft bending or straightening, brazing or heavy copper pipe manipulation.

The equipment required for this process is Type 3 or HD style gas equipment, with the simple addition of a propane mixer (BB5004), the appropriate length neck and a suitable nozzle [BF1H-BF5H].

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