Magswitch MagSquare 600 (8100106) – Pack of 5


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The most versatile workholding and fixturing tool ever!

Align and secure flat or round pieces of steel to fabricate angles. Pull corners, secure steel for cutting, use as a guide, make your own fixtures and more!

Turn the knob on and off to control 607 pounds of magnetic hold force.


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Magswitch MagSquare 600 (8100106) – Pack of 5

Magswitch on/off magnetic workholding square with 600lbs/268kg holding capacity. For use in welding, woodworking or anywhere steel is used.

Featuring the patented Magswitch® technology for complete on/off control, super strong, precise positioning.

MagSquares exert a powerful magnetic hold on three sides, enabling fast multi-plane workholding for positioning steel. This strong magnetic field is activated with a simple 180-degree turn of the knob.

Machined at 90 degree angles, MagSquares are ideal for fixturing and offer many uses: level sheet, support, stop, guide, mounting base; the uses are endless. A must for every fabricator and welder.


  • Holds flat and round steel surfaces.
  • Versatile on/off magnetic workholding Square. Incredibly strong fast setups, precise positioning machined at 90 degrees.
  • Features pre-tapped holes on all sides for mounting tools, jigs, and fixtures.
  • Mounts anywhere with no limitations like clamps.
  • Magnetic grip on 5 sides.
  • Use as a guide, stop, or to secure steel, level sheets, destack capability.
  • Magnetic field turns completely on and off mechanically.
  • Magnet stays clean.
  • Does not use an electrical power source.
  • Multiplane magnetic grip on five sides.
  • Machined at 90-degrees.


Max Breakaway 607 lbs 275.3 kg
Full Saturation Thickness 3/8” 10 mm
2:1 Shear Working Load 61 lbs 27.66 kg
Product Weight 3 lbs 1.36 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3 x 2 x 4.1 in 76.2 x 50.8 x 104.1 mm
Magnetic Pole Footprint (L x W) 75 mm x 51.5 mm

Sales  Description

Welders and fabricators are raving about all the uses, convenience, and time savings with Magswitch MagSquares.

MagSquares are extremely powerful on-off magnetic blocks with strong holding force available on all sides. Welders have never enjoyed this complete control over incredibly strong magnets, with up to 1,000 lbs (454 kg) on the MagSquare 1000. You can precisely position the MagSquare and material, and then turn the magnet on.

MagSquares feature multiplane workholding capability. This innovation eliminates the need for time-consuming manual clamping on many jobs. They work anywhere there is steel; there’s no need for an edge, as with C-Clamps.

All MagSquares are machined at 90 degrees and come with pre-tapped holes on all sides for mounting tools, jigs, and fixtures. A fast 180-degree turn of the knob activates or deactivates the MagSquare. When turned off, nothing sticks to them.

Once you understand all the uses, the time savings in setups, and the ability to control these powerful magnetic blocks, you’ll want the entire range.

Pack of 5

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