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KEMPER Welding Fume Exhaust Arm 2 Joints (5 M Arm, Rigid Metal Tube Arm) (79 705)

79 705

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79 705
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KEMPER exhaust arms unite high flexibility with ergonomic and safe workplace design.

They can be used to extract welding smoke, gases and vapours as well as light dusts or solvents.

With arms extending up to 6 meters, they are suitable for many different environments.

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KEMPER Welding Fume Exhaust Arm 2 Joints (5 M Arm, Rigid Metal Tube Arm) (79 705)

Basic data

Weight 63 kg

Additional information

Exhaust arm type rigid metal tube arm
Diameter extraction arm 150 mm
Length of boom 2 m
Length of exhaust arm 3 m
Total length 5 m
Joints 2


  • Reduced tripping hazard by attaching tools or wire feed unit to the boom with carriage
  • 40% less adjustment of the exhaust arm needed due to exhaust hood design
  • User-friendly due to particularly smooth movement of the hood with one hand
  • Arm keeps position due to self-supporting design
  • Fast operation due to long reach and particularly flexible adjustment
  • Various options to connect the exhaust arms to fans, stationary devices or via duct work to central extraction and filtration systems


  • 360 degrees rotating exhaust hood with damper
  • Self-supported by internal springs
  • Boom with 50 kg load capacity
  • Boom with integrated C-rail with carriage
  • Exhaust arms up to 6 m (with boom)


  • For connection to fans or central extraction systems
  • High levels of smoke and particles
  • Non-stop operation
  • Welding fumes, gases, vapours, light dusts
  • Large workpieces

Scope of Supply

  • Exhaust arm with hood
  • Boom
  • Wall bracket


  • Various arm lengths and versions

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