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KEMPER Swivel Arm Wall Mounted, Lockable & Telescopic (1.5 M – 2 M) (131 5570)

131 5570

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131 5570
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Wall and pillar-mounted pivoting arms with locking and telescoping facility from KEMPER are suitable for flexibly separating work and factory areas by means of protective welding curtains or strips and are designed for mounting on a wall or pillar.

The locking protects people and equipment against accidental dislodgement of the pivoting arm.

Because of the telescoping facility, suspension can be flexibly and easily extended.

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KEMPER Swivel Arm Wall Mounted, Lockable & Telescopic (1.5 M – 2 M) (131 5570)

Basic data

Length 1500 – 2000 mm


  • Partition can be extended or pushed together flexibly due to telescoping facility
  • Easy operation of the telescoping facility by means of a chain
  • Increased safety for persons and equipment due to locking.
  • Space-saving because the pivoting arm can easily be folded aside
  • Fast set-up of partition by simply unfolding the pivoting wall arm


  • Can be locked into position
  • Tube (1″) for attaching welding curtains
  • Mounting on a pillar or on a wall using a wall bracket


  • For flexibly separating individual work and factory areas
  • For protective welding curtains and strips
  • Protection against dangerous radiation from welding arcs and splashes


  • Various arm lengths and telescopic lengths

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