Evolution S185CCSL 185mm Circular Saw With TCT Mild Steel Cutting Blade [110volt]


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Evolution S185CCSL 185mm Circular Saw With TCT Mild Steel Cutting Blade

  • Equipped with a 185mm, 40 tooth mild steel capable blade. Providing an instantly workable finish and produces virtually no heat, no burr, and no sparks.
  • The paddle levers allow you to easily adjust the base plate to perform up to 45° accurate bevel cutting.
  • Adjusting the rear paddle lever enables you to set the base plate in a higher position giving you a cutting capacity up to 2-1/2 inches.
  • Fitted with a clear glass window you can see when standing in the normal cutting position where the blade meets the material being cut, ensuring your blade is exactly aligned with the cutting line.
  • Channeled air-flow directs air to the cutting line, clearing it from any debris.
  • A parallel edge guide is provided for even greater straight cutting assistance.
  • One of the lightest circular saws on the market, weighing only 11.4 lbs, transforms heavy-duty cutting into faster, easier and safer productivity.
  • Cut mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and wood with the optional premium blades available.


Slice through bar, angle, profiled tube and sheet metal in seconds with the S185CCSL metal cutting circular saw. Faster and cleaner than an abrasive cutter the S185CCSL gives your ready to weld cuts that are cold enough to handle straight off the saw.

Recognised as the metalwork fabricator’s friend the S185CCSL has been tested back to back against band saws, grinders and even plasma cutters and it comes out on top each time for speed of cut and ease of use.

Additional blades, each specifically designed to offer maximum cutting performance with different metals such as stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel and other thin sheet steel grades are available to help you find the perfect cut for every project. The S185CSL is a compact powerhouse with a 1600 Watt rated motor, adjustable bevel and depth of cut. Our customers show it comfortably powering through half inch mild steel plate and leaving a plasma cutter in its tracks.

Motor 110v 1600W
Speed No Load: 3700 rpm
Max. Bevel (Left): 45°
Circular Saw Base: Pressed Steel
Cord Length: 3m
Blade Dia.: 185mm
No. of Teeth: 40
Bore: 20mm
Kerf: 2mm
Max. Depth of Cut (0°): 64mm
Max. Depth of Cut (45°): 35mm
Mild Steel Plate
(Max. Thickness):
Mild Steel Square Tube (Max. Wall Thickness): 3mm
Product Dimensions: 255 x 308 x 241mm
Packaging Dimensions: 230 x 368 x 279mm
Product Weight: 5.2 kg
Sound Pressure Level LPA: 92.9 dB(A) K:3 B(A)
Sound Power Level LWA: 103.9 dB(A) K:3 dB(A)
Vibration: ahM=3.041m/s2 ahW=3.697m/s2



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