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Ardrox 800/3 [8032] Black Ink – Box of 10


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Ardrox 800/3 Black Ink. [replaces 8032]

Box of 10]

Ardrox 8032 is a ready-to-use high sensitivity black magnetic ink consisting of black iron oxide with a controlled, fine particle size, mineral oil and suspending agent in a high flash, low aromatic petroleum distillate.

Ardrox 8032 is used for revealing surface and near surface defects in ferro-magnetic materials e.g. mild and low alloy steels.

ARDROX 8032 has been Type Tested in accordance to the DIN EN ISO Standard 9934 part 2.

Method of use

Heavy deposits of grease, rust, scale and paint should be removed prior to inspection.

The component is then magnetised and the magnetic ink applied either by dipping, flowing or spraying. Chemetall PLC supplies a complete range of magnetising equipment from small portable to large bench units.

The component is inspected for defects in daylight or good artificial light. Defects will show as a collection of black particles.

In areas where it is difficult to see the black indications e.g., on oxidised or other dark surfaces, contrast may be greatly improved by applying a coating of Ardrox 8903 white background lacquer prior to application of the magnetic ink.

Ardrox 8032 is used as supplied without any dilution. Containers of Ardrox 8032 must be thoroughly shaken to disperse the settled ink before use.

Effects on materials

When Ardrox 8032 is used in the recommended manner no significant corrosion is likely to be encountered on any metal.

Some thermoplastics and certain rubbers may be softened or swollen with prolonged contact and intending users are advised to check the compatibility of such materials with the product.

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