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  • 250A Fume Extraction MIG Torch – SifGun Evolution (Air Cooled 4M)


    £557.56 ex VAT £669.07 inc VAT
  • 500A Fume Extraction MIG Torch – SifGun Evolution (Water Cooled)


    £727.06 ex VAT £872.47 inc VAT
  • 350A Fume Extraction MIG Torch – SifGun Evolution (Air Cooled)


    £649.12 ex VAT £778.94 inc VAT
  • The SifGun Evolution 150 Air Cooled Fume Extraction Torch


    £651.20 ex VAT £781.44 inc VAT

Showing all 4 results

We offer a range of fume extraction welding torches, which are designed to significantly reduce the level of fumes produced during the welding process. These torches feature extraction technology directly at the nozzle, which allows for immediate extraction of fumes, making them ideal for use in confined or poorly-ventilated spaces. With up to 95% less welding fumes, these torches not only create a safer and healthier work environment but also improve the overall quality of the weld. Fume extraction welding torches are a must-have for professionals working in industries such as automotive, construction, and manufacturing, where exposure to welding fumes is a concern. Choose from our selection of high-quality fume extraction welding torches to enhance your welding process and protect your health.