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The SifGun Evolution 150 Air Cooled Fume Extraction Torch


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The SifGun Evolution 150 Air Cooled Fume Extraction Torch

Professional fume extraction torch for industry The SifGun Fume Extraction Torch is an innovative MIG welding torch with integrated extraction at the nozzle of the welding torch. Therefore the extraction is close to the weld pool, so the fumes coming from the welding process are extracted immediately.

As a result the user’s exposure to welding fumes is reduced by up to 95%.

Unlike other models of on-torch extraction, the SifGun fume-extraction torch features a bespoke, optimised nozzle, which balances pressures to prevent disruption of the shielding gases. You can therefore use the same shielding gas flow rates as with a standard MIG torch.

The welding torch is delivered ‘ready to use’. It only has to be connected to any  welding machine, with a Euro Torch connection and extraction unit.[see Fume Extraction section]

The SifGun Evolution Fume Extraction Torch is available in air- and water-cooled versions, both in 4 metre cable lengths.

 Main features.

• Lightweight design

• Comfortable to use

• No disruption to shielding gas

• 95% fume reduction

• For MIG/MAG and FCAW

• Euro connection


Revolving Support

A revolving cable support with unlimited manouverability to reduce pressure on the wrist and help optimise cable life.

Closed Trigger

A completely closed trigger system protects the micro switch from dust and dirt.

Small Handle

Small Handle The small handle design has been developed to be lightweight and provide maximum welding comfort.

Technical Data

SifGun 300 Air-Cooled torch


Mixed Gas                     120 A current rating

CO2                              150 A current rating

Duty cycle                     60%

Contact tip                     Ø0.8 – 1.2mm

Extraction flow rate         55 – 65m3/h

Gas flow rate                  14l/min

Full details can be found in “Documents” section

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