Reflex Air Tools & Air Compressors

Whether you work in construction, automotive repair, or manufacturing, our air tools and compressors deliver superior performance and reliability.

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  • Small Air Compressor Cage (KBEAC01)


    £544.11 ex VAT £652.93 inc VAT
  • Medium Air Compressor Cage (KBEAC02)


    £598.21 ex VAT £717.85 inc VAT
  • Large Air Compressor Expanding Cage (KBEAC03)


    £1,321.44 ex VAT £1,585.73 inc VAT

Showing all 3 results

From hobbyist to industrial-grade equipment, air tools and compressors provide high-quality performance at unbeatable prices.

Our selection of air-powered tools includes air hammers, drills, grinders, belt sanders, and more.

We also offer a variety of air compressors with different tank sizes, horsepower, and features to suit your specific needs. Our air compressor hoses, safety cages, paint spray guns and nozzles and everything else you need to get the job done right.