Large Air Compressor Expanding Cage (KBEAC03)


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Brand: Reflex
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  • Large expanding cage with 10-second assembly process
  • Height: 123cm, Width: min/max 112cm/220cm, Depth: 78.5cm, Weight: 25kg
  • Compatible with a variety of air compressor brands and models
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for convenient storage and transportation
  • Ideal for welding, carpentry, and automotive workshops
  • Patent pending PCT/GB2016/052623 with copyright ownership by REFLEX
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    Large Air Compressor Expanding Cage (With a 10 Second Assembly Process)

    Ref KBEAC03

    Height: 123cm
    Width: min/max 112cm/220cm
    Depth: 78.5cm
    Weight: 25kg

    All measurements are approximate and can vary slightly.

    Suitable for the following Air Compressors:

    Clarke International Air Compressors
    2245215, 2245250, 2245210, 2320890, 2091300, 2091225, 2090980, 2091000, 2090575, 2085280, 2085280, 2085290, 2090735, 2090737.

    Specialised Welding Air Compressors
    2/100BP, 3/50BP, 3/100BP, 3/150BP, 3/150BSI, 3/150BS3, 3/200BS1, 3/200BS3, 4/200BS1, 4/270BS1, 55/200BS3, 55/270BS3, 75/200BS3, 75/270BS3, 10/270BS3, 55/100 PETROL, 9/270 PETROL.

    Wilkinson Star Air Compressors
    Workhorse Belt Drive & Petrol & Tandem
    WR3HP-50P-1, WR3HP-100P-1, WR3HP-150S-1, WR3HP-200S-1, WR3HPXX-150S-1, WRSHPXX-150S-3, WR4HP-200S-1, WRN5.5HP-200S, WRN5.5HP-270S, WRN7.5HP-270S, WRN10HP-270S, WRP5.5HP-50S, WRP5.5HP-50P, WRP5.5HP-150S, WRP9HP-150S, WRP9HPXX-150S, WRP11HP-150S, WRT28-250S-1, WRT36-250S-1.

    AB500-1196, AB500-1700, SCS415/200.

    SIP Industrial Products Air Compressors
    Belt Drive & Airmate & Petrol & Tandem
    05255, 06278, 06279, 06282, 06284, 06286, 06288, 06289, 06291, 06295, 04328, 04330, 04331, 04332, 04333, 04334, 04335, 04336, 04337, 04338, 04444, 04450, 04451, 04452, 04453, 04456, 04458, 04459, 04461, 04463, 04465, 02027, 02029, 04292, 04294, 05251, 05300, 05302, 06217, 06258, 06260, 06262, 06290, 06583, 06585, 06587.

    Draper Tools Air Compressors

    Sealey Power Tools Air Compressors
    SAC0102B, SAC11031B, SAC1153B, SAC1203B, SAC1503B, SAC3103B, SAC3153B, SAC3203B, SAC3503B, SAC0102B, SAC0152B, SAC0502B, SAC1276B, SAC2103B, SAC2153B, SAC2203B, SAC2203BLN, SAC2276B, SAC3203133PH, SAC32055B, SAC32775B, SAC42055B, SAC4505555B, SAC52775B, SAC5507575B, SAC55075B, SAC62710B, SAC65010B, SAC10030V, SAC10030, SA1565, SA5040, SA5055.

    Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors
    PB3-270-3, PB3-200-3, PB2.2-200-3, PB2.2-100-1, PB2.2-200-1, PB1.5-100-3, PB1.5-100-3-230, PB5.5-270-3, PB4-270-3, PB4-270-3-230, PB4-200-3, H15T4X200, 15T4X200, 712X100, 231X30, PS5.5-270-3, PS4-270-3, PS3-270-3, PP7-17X2, PP4-11X2, OL5P55, OL5X55, OL5F75, OL5X75, OL10X100, OL15X200, 23ANLE20, 235HNLF40, ST2NLX100, ST2NLX50, 235HNLX40, 235HNLX30, 23ANLX20, 235HNLE30, T30/200/3V, T30/200/4V, T30/200/5.5V, T30/200/7.5V, T30/200/3P, T30/200/4P, T30/200/5.5P, T30/200/7.5P.

    NUAir Compressors
    B3800/5.55/150, B300B/95/100, B3800/5.55/100, B38005.55/10+10, B2800/B/3FT/100, NB2800B/50/2MTECH110V, NB2800B/50/2MTECH, NB2800B/50/3MTECH, NB2800B/100/3MTECH, NB2800B/150/3MTECH, NB2800B/200/3MTECH, NB3800B/1003MQ-TECH, B2800B/2FM/50, B2800B/2FT/50, B2800B/2FM/100, B2800B/2FT/100, B2800B/3FM/50 , B2800B/3FT/50, B2800B/3FM/100, NB28C/50FM2, NB28C/100CM3, NB28C/100FM3, NB38C/150FM3, NB38C/200FM3, NB38C/100FT3, NB38C/150FT3, NB38C/200FT3, NB7/200FT5.5, NB7/270FT7.5, NB10/270FT10DS.

    Tworkshop Air Compressors
    H21, HV16, H32, HV16 TANDEM, V12, MOBILE 32, MOBILEW16, HW25, HW45.

    Abac Air Compressors
    A2927CM2, A2950CM2, A2990CM2, A29150CM2, A29B50CM2, A29B50CT3, A29B90CM3, A29B90CT3 A29B150CM3, A29B150CT3 A29B200CT3, A29200CM3, A3990CM3, A3990CT3, A39150CM3, A39150CT3, A3200CM3, A39200CT3,A39270CMS,A39270CT3.

    GV3450CM3, GV3450VM3, GV34100CM3, A29B27CT2, A29B50CT2, A29B90CT2, A29B150CT2, A39B200CT4 ,A39B270CT4, B4900200CT4, B4900270CT4, B4900270FT4, B5900B200CT5.5, B5900B200FT5.5, B5900B270CT5.5, B5900B270FT5.5, B5900B270FT5.5FFOYD, B4900270FT4FFO, B5900B500FT5.5FFOYD, B6000270FT7.5FFOYD, B7000BF10, B8900BF15, B8900BF20, A29BLNM2, A29BLNT2, A29BLNM3, A29BLNT3, B4900LNT4, B5900LNT5.5, B6000LNT7.5, B700LNT10

    Patent pending PCT/GB2016/052623 copyright ownership REFLEX

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    Large Air Compressor Expanding Cage (KBEAC03) Large Air Compressor Expanding Cage (KBEAC03)
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