GeKa Welding Electrode Quivers and Ovens

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  • GeKa – Subarc Oven – 400°C (GKTSD-50) 5 Pin Plug


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We offer a range of Welding Electrode Quivers and Ovens designed to meet the needs of professionals across various industries. Our stationary and portable ovens provide a convenient and reliable way to store and maintain your welding rods at optimal temperatures, ensuring they are always ready for use. Our electrode quivers are designed to hold a variety of rod sizes and are ideal for carrying and dispensing electrodes in the field.

Whether you’re in the construction, shipbuilding, or manufacturing industry, our Welding Electrode Quivers and Ovens are an essential tool to help you increase productivity and maintain the quality of your welds. Proper storage and handling of welding rods are critical to ensure that the electrodes remain dry and free from contamination, which can cause weld defects and reduce the lifespan of the rods. With our range of ovens and quivers, you can rest assured that your welding rods are in top condition and ready for use at any time.