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Gas Cylinder Cages

We offer a range of gas cylinder cages that provide a secure and compliant storage solution for gas cylinders. Designed with safety in mind, these cages are made from durable materials to provide maximum protection for your cylinders. Our range includes cages of varying sizes to cater to your specific requirements. Gas cylinder cages are essential for any industry that requires gas storage, including welding, manufacturing, and construction. Using these cages ensures that your gas cylinders are kept organized, safe, and easily accessible, while also minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries. Our gas cylinder cages are easy to install and maintain, making them a cost-effective investment for any business that handles gas cylinders. Choose from our range of gas cylinder cages to keep your gas cylinders organized and safe.

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  • Expanding Space Heater Cage Large


    £1,173.96 ex VAT £1,408.75 inc VAT
  • 1 or 6 Bottle Expanding Cylinder Cage (Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen & Hydrogen) (KBCC-11)


    £567.28 ex VAT £680.74 inc VAT
  • Expanding Space Heater Cage Small


    £338.51 ex VAT £406.21 inc VAT

Showing all 3 results