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  • EZ Zone Purge Gas Retaining Tape 2.5″ x 1″ x 75 ft – Pack of 18 Reels

    EZ-ZT 2.5 x pack18

    £711.53 ex VAT £853.84 inc VAT

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E-Z Zone purge gas retaining tape is a reliable solution for sealing the root gap between pipes and trapping Argon gas. With a width of either 2.5″ or 4″, this tape is perfect for a variety of piping needs. Its contamination-free design makes it ideal for welding, and it is also halogen and fluorocarbon free. Additionally, this tape is resistant to high temperatures, helping to reduce pipe clean up time and the amount of gas needed. By using the E-Z Zone purge gas retaining tape, you can improve the safety of your workplace and ensure a smooth welding process.