TIG Wand Rapid Mainclean Neutraliser.

Mainclean 5

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Mainclean 5
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EasyKleen Mainclean Neutraliser.

5 Litre container.


Mainclean is a general purpose degreaser and cleaner, containing a blend of low foaming tensides, dirt dispersing agents and corrosion inhibitors. It can be used at room temperature or up to 80ºC through steam machines or in cleaning baths. It has a pleasant lemon fragrance.

Suitable for general cleaning of all metals, especially after machining operations such as cutting, drilling, milling and grinding. The product can be added to grinding fluid at a low concentration (10 %) to enhance the surface finish of the components.

As a dilute 10% solution, Mainclean is also used to neutralize Isol-N and clean the surface of stainless steel parts after the removal of weld burn using the Isojet machine. It is also used to produce a good clean finish after the use of Antox products, such as Antox 75E. Mainclean does not attack plastics and rubbers.


Application of the product is at ambient temperatures up to 40 °C for immersion or manual wiping methods. When applied through a jet washer it can be dosed at 10% with the water.  Mainclean can replace cleaning using chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Its concentration in immersion baths ranges between 10-50 % depending on the degree of soiling. For manual wiping the product is mostly used at ambient temperatures diluted to a ratio of 1:1.

Work protection: –     Toxicity class   non-toxic

Please note the hazard information on the product label and on the separate safety data sheet.

Environmental protection

Used Mainclean solutions contain a varying amount of oil. Adhere to the instructions given by the authorities pertaining to surface and ground water protection.

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