Many of the posts in our support blog are prompted by questions we have recieved directly from customers. Recently we were asked:

“When you’re welding (besides your EFP) what do you wear? What does your get-up consist of? Some wear hats and some don’t. Do you?”

Well…for top to toe for maximum protection we use:-

1.Spark resistant cap [worn with the peak at the back] 2. Auto-darkening welding helmet
3.Flame Retardant overall, or, Chrome Leather Jacket
4.Flame Retardant, Chrome leather Sleeves
5.Good quality Welders Gauntlets, or Mitts
6.Flame Retardent, or Chrome Leather Trousers, Chaps, Apron
8.Steel Toe capped boots, with quick release buckles, or steel toe capped Rigger Boots.

Consideration should also be given to personal, or Mobile Fume Extraction.