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In the past two years the Welding And Welder website has attacted enquiries and orders from 32 different countries.

The last order being for 3 Purgmaster 100 Oxygen Analysers from Turkmenistan.

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Courtesy of The HSE Directive both Air Fed Welding Helmets and Mobile/Static Fume Extractors are on extended lead times. Kemper, as a manufacturer have more control over production and delivery forecast, for their Fume Extraction equipment. Their lead times, whilst extended for many units in their extensive range, are improving all of the time.

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Polished Performance

Welding Equipment Online have just sold two mepBlitz Electro Polishing machines to a UK company.

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A Breath of Fresh Air


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Welding Equipment Online Ltd, through their website are pleased to introduce into their extensive range of Welders PPE the “CODE BLACK” range of  WELDERS CLOTHING.

TUSKER have developed Code Black after 35 years of supplying welding PPE to British and global industry. Their vast experience and skill has enabled them to develop a range that is of supreme quality, practical and comfortable.
The range offers performance and comfort, whilst still providing full protection from spark and spatter.

All Code Black garments are compliant to EN ISO11612 FR, ISO11611 welding, EN1149-5 anti-static and EN61488 arc protection regulations.

All garments in the range are heat resistant to 250°C and provide users with the absolute best protection from the hazards associated with the welding process and in environments where molten metal hazards are present.

The Code Black Range is the most durable range of welding PPE commercially available and is the perfect blend of time proven traditional FR materials and modern fabrics which ensures that users can work comfortably in their roles knowing that they are well protected.
Selecting premium black split leather for the product line is not only a style choice. Black and darker materials have a natural ability to shield against the types of radiation emitted during welding.
– For use in the welding and foundry industries
– Full protection against spark and spatter
– Heat resistant to 250°C
– Durable and comfortable
– Breathable




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Welding Equipment Online Ltd launch a “NEW” range of UK manufactured Heavy Duty Welding Benches.

Ranging from 1200 x 600 x 840mm to 2000 x 900 x 840mm these benches can also be retrofitted with Vices and Extra Cupboards.

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Welding Equipment Online Ltd have recently received an order for 150 Welding Curtains & Frames for export.

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Kemper Fume Extractors to Nigeria.

Welding Equipment Online Ltd were delighted to receive and order and consequently supply 4 Kemper MaxiFil Mobile Fume Extractors to a client in Lagos, Nigeria. The units have been shipped along with spare Filter cartridges for each unit.

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Magswitch Welding Magnets.

Welding Equipment Online Ltd [Welding and Welder] have reintroduced the range of welding magnets, from world leaders Magswitch.

The range covers fixed and adjustable magnets up to 454Kg/1000lbs.

The unique design enables magnets to be switched on and switched off with ease. Unlike conventional permanent magnets, metal particles do not adhere to the magnetic faces once the magnet is turned off.

This gives the welder that extra pair of hands that they so often need.

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New Auto-Sensing Welding Helmet

Weldability-sif have launched the latest addition to their range of Auto-sensing Welding Helmets under the name REVENGE.

The futuristic design has many similarities to a certain rocket powered Marvel Comics hero.

However, whilst the style will appear to the younger welder, the technical qualities should gain the attention of all welders.

• Adjustable-Shades 9-13
• Fast 0.04ms Darkening Speed
• Sensitivity & Delay Controls
• Large 98x43mm Viewing Area
• 3 Colour Options
• 12-Month Warranty

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