Welding QuestionAt Welding & Welder our technical team just love to help customers with specific wleding scenarios that they have encountered in the past, or are currently trying to solve. We recently had this question asked:

“Currently We are using Feeding Screw rebuild with S.S Electrode 308 & 316,Its base material is 304. after rebuild We hard face it by using Stellite Electrodes by developing 3 mm layer all around to prevent it from quick wear. Can any one suggest the Welding material which may be more efficient than S.S Electrode 308 & 316?”

For this type of application, it is not always necessary to use a Cobalt based [Stellite] wearfacing product. Depending on the medium which the screw is feeding, excellent results can be obtained using a buffer layer of 18Cr-6Mn-8Ni -C0.1 Balance Fe. Type E18 8 Mn R12. This can then be capped with a Cromium Carbide E Fe – 14 – 60 GR. This will give a multi pass hardness of 57 – 60 HRc, but will also achieve a smooth polished weld bead, as deposited. However if very high abrasion is the wear characteristic you are trying to overcome then Cromium Carbide electrodes conforming to E 15 – 70 – GTZ will give a multi-pass hardness of 68 – 70 HRC.
Similar chemistry welding alloys can be obtained in MIG/MAG wires

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