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Welding/Work Shelter Trans Green Cover


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Brand: Weldability Sif
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Weldng Shelter Transluscent Green Cover 2 x 2 x 2M

Weather conditions can often make outdoor welding and maintenance very difficult or impossible.

Varying temperatures, wind, rain, snow and sunshine frequently make working in the open air very difficult and sometimes unsafe

Work tents have proven to be the ideal solutions


  • Measuring 2 mtr x 2 mtr x 2mtr 
  • suitable for MIG, TIG, Stick and Gas welding applications.
  • work shelters protect the weld and welder from the elements and passers-by or colleagues from the welding arc and spatter
  • They are also suitable for a number of other covered, non-welding related operations
  • The front can be left open or closed for partial or complete enclosure
  • Frame available separately if required

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