Welding Hose Oxygen High Flow 20M x 10mm[3/8} with F.B.A.


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High Flow Welding Hose Oxygen 20M x 10mm[3/8"] with Flash Back Arrestor

Hi-Flow hoses have been introduced to increase safety in gas cutting & welding applications and are supplied in 10m or 20m lengths and manufactured from 10mm EPDM hose.

They are pre-fitted with high-pressure crimped 3/8” fittings at the regulator ends and an in-line flashback arrestor at the torch end. 

The use of Flashback Arrestor eliminates the turbulance caused by the use of Hose Check Valves with high flow rates and therefore make thes hoses ideal for use when larger welding and cutting nozzles are in use which require higher flow rates. 

The fitted Flashback Arrestor at the torch end will eliminate the possibility of a hose fire or any hose damage in the event of a flashback.

Hi-Flow Hoses should be used where long hose sets are being used in cutting applications where there is limited access or escape as they will ensure that any flashback incident is stopped immediately at the torch.

Hi-Flow hoses should always be used with a second flashback arrestor fitted to the regulator, to protect against the affects created by flash backs resulting in hose damage following fires caused by external sources.

Hi-Flow hoses conform to ISO 3821:2010 and are available in Oxygen, Acetylene or Propane configurations.

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