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Water Soluble Paper (Up to 100mm Dia Pipe)


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Aquasol® Paper can be formed into any size purge dam when used in conjunction with water soluble tape.

Environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

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Water Soluble Paper (Up to 100mm Dia Pipe)

Roll 15½” x 165′ / 39cm x 50m

For pipe diameters up to 4″ [100mm]

Water Soluble Paper is made of sodium carboxy methyl, a cellulose and wooden pulp that dissolves rapidly and completely in most liquids including water.

Can be used to dam argon or helium gases during tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding of steel or aluminium pipes.

All Sizes Available

Part No. Type Dimensions Case Qty
ASW-35/S-11RW Sheet 8½” x 11” / 22cm x 28cm 500
ASW-35/S-14R Sheet 8½” x 14” / 22cm x 36cm 500
ASW-35/S-22R Sheet 17” x 22” / 43cm x 56cm 500
ASW-60/S-22R Sheet 15½” x 22” / 39cm x 56cm 250
ASW-35/R-15 Roll 15½” x 165’ / 39cm x 50m 4
ASW-35/R-9 Roll 9” x 165’ / 23cm x 50m 4
ASW-40C/R20.5 Roll 20½” x 165’ / 52cm x 50m 4
ASW-60/R-15 Roll 15½” x 165’ / 39cm x 50m 4
ASW-60/R-31 Roll 31” x 165’ / 79 cm x 50 m 4

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