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Swaged Heavy Duty Type No 2 Welding Tips – Pack of 2


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  • CCSWB blanking nozzle for testing gas hand equipment.
  • Connects to HD (Type 3, 4 or 5) mixer (BB5003).
  • Lightweight type welding nozzles also available.
  • Pack of 2.
  • Used in welding of mild steel with oxy/acetylene process.
  • Welding nozzles swaged HD type No. 2.


Swaged Heavy Duty Type No 2 Welding Tips – Pack of 2

A range of nozzles used in the welding of mild steel using the oxy/acetylene process with HD (Type 3, 4 and 5) style torch equipment. We offer swaged nozzle in sizes 1 to 25.

These welding nozzles connect to an HD (Type 3, 4 or 5) mixer (BB5003) which connects to a shank (BB5001).Lightweight type welding nozzles are also available to fit a lightweight mixer BB6003 (part numbers CCLW01 to CCLW25).

The CCSWB blanking nozzle is for use in testing gas hand equipment for leaks. Without outlet holes, they prevent gases from passing through them, thus forcing the gas to exit via leaks in hoses etc.

Pack of 2.

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