Stainless Steel MIG Wire 307 [308Mn] x 0.8mm


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Stainless Steel MIG Wire 307 [308Mn] x 0.8mm

Weight 12.5Kg


TS EN ISO 14343-A G 18 8 Mn
EN ISO 14343-A G 18 8 Mn
TS EN ISO 14343-A W 18 8 Mn
EN ISO 14343-A W 18 8 Mn
AWS A5.9 ~ER 307

Chemical Composition of Welding Wire% (Typical)

C 0.08
Si 0.90
Mn 7.00
Cr 19.20
Ni 9.00

Mechanical Properties

Yield Strength (N/mm²) Tensile Strength (N/mm²) Impact Strength (ISO-V/+20°C) Elongation ((Lo=5do) (%))
min. 370 580 – 750 min. 63 J min. 30

Features and Applications

  • Filler welding of high-strength low-alloyed and alloyed heat-treatable steels, armour steels, steels including 14% Mn, ferritic chromium steels, heat-resistant steels, non-magnetic steels etc.
  • Joint welding of different types of steels with each other
  • Filler welding of abrasion-resistant steels for valves and turbines
  • As shielding gas, Argon is used at TIG welding, where as Ar+ % 2.5 O2 or Ar+ % 2.5 CO2 mixed gas is used at MIG welding
Available sizes
Product Code Diametré x Length (mm) Diameter x Length (inch) Weight (Kg) Package Type
6011100313 Ø0.80 Ø0.030 12.5 BS 300 Spool
6011100381 Ø1.00 Ø0.040 15 BS 300 Spool
6011100314 Ø1.20 Ø0.047 15 BS 300 Spool
6011100312 Ø1.60 Ø0.062 15 BS 300 Spool

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