Rotabroach Raptor Cermet Blade Steel 14″ – Pack of 10


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Cermet blades produce a clean, cool cut with minimal vibration. Cermet tipped, they offer 20% longer life compared to abrasive cutting discs and perform 40% better than TCT blades. A practically spark-free, burr-free cut.

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Rotabroach Raptor Cermet Blade Steel 14″ – Pack of 10

Cermet Tipped Blades: These are the professional solution for cutting holes in sheet metal, pipes, and plastics.
Longevity: They last up to 20 times longer than conventional abrasive discs.
Efficiency: These blades have up to 40 percent better life than Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) blades.
Durability: The triple chip design adds to the blade’s durability.
Precision and Safety: They offer a clean, cool cut with minimal vibration and sparks, enhancing both the quality of the work and the safety of the operation.


Diameter 14″ (355mm)
Teeth 66T
Bore 25.4mm (1″)
Application Steel
Product Code RAPB355FS

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