Rotabroach Raptor Multi Purpose Cement Blade 14″ – Pack of 10


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Cermet blades produce a clean, cool cut with minimal vibration. Cermet tipped, they offer 20% longer life compared to abrasive cutting discs and perform 40% better than TCT blades. A practically spark-free, burr-free cut.

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Rotabroach Raptor Multi Purpose Cement Blade 14″ – Pack of 10 Blades

Cermet Tipped Blades: These are the professional solution for cutting holes in sheet metal, pipes, and plastics.
Longevity: They last up to 20 times longer than conventional abrasive discs.
Efficiency: These blades have up to 40 percent better life than Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) blades.
Durability: The triple chip design adds to the blade’s durability.
Precision and Safety: They offer a clean, cool cut with minimal vibration and sparks, enhancing both the quality of the work and the safety of the operation.


Teeth 36
Material Multi-purpose
Size 355mm (14″)
Max Speed 2500 RPM
Bore 25.4mm

Pack of 10

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