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Prep 4 Electric Pipe Bevelling Machine 110v


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PREP 4 Electric Portable Pipe Bevelling Machine 110volt
RANGE: 20 – 108 mm i/d


  • External Bevelling
  • Internal Bevelling
  • Facing
  • Counterboring
  • Weld Removal
  • J-Prepping Of Tubeplate

Materials: Any kind of steel and Exotic Alloy

Power: Pneumatic  or Electric(110v or 220v)
The PREP 4 is torque reactive. This means that the pipe or tube does not have to be fixed to be beveled, making it particularly useful on-site, in maintenance and repair situations. This is due to the design and strength of the thru shaft system that locks to the bore of the pipe.
Features & Advantages
The Jaw system itself consists of 3 equilaterally positioned machined jaw segments, retained and locked on an inner, ‘grooved’ expansion shaft.
These grooves keep the jaws held securely in position, unlike other systems that use a metal or rubber bands for jaw retention.
As the expansion nut is is tightened, the jaws expand, locking tightly, and square to the bore of the pipe.

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