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Oxy-Acetylene Straight Line Cutting Machine (BCG31I230) – 230v


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Portable, automatic straight-line cutting machines. A robust, and compact manufacture with brass and stainless steel machined components.

This has a constant adjustable travel speed – in forward or reverse – to provide good machine-quality cuts.

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Oxy-Acetylene Straight Line Cutting Machine (BCG31I230) – 230v

Portable, automatic straight-line cutting machine available in 110v or 240v input power supply. (This listing is for the 230v machine).

Simple design with an easy-to-use interface, these machines can cut straight lines, circles (with a radius of 20cm-2m), and bevels on steel ranging from 5mm to 50mm in thickness.

The travel speed can be adjusted continuously, allowing for high-quality cuts in both forward and reverse directions.

The machines are manufactured using robust and compact materials, including brass and stainless steel machined components. They come with a 1.8m distortion-proof steel track (additional lengths can be purchased per meter with part number BCG30ITRK) and a variety of cutting nozzles. For circle cutting, a guide is provided with part number BCGCIRCLE31.

Supplied With

  • 2 x 1.2M length of distortion-proof steel track
  • A selection of cutting nozzles
  • Cuts straight lines, circles, 20cm-2m radius
  • Bevels on 5mm-50mm thick steel
  • Simple design with easy-to-use interface
  • 230v input power supply


Power Frequency 50HZ
Power Voltage 220V (+/-10%) or 110V (as stated on the machine’s front panel)
Cutting Speed 150-800mm/min
Motor Rotation Speed 1500r.p.m
Cutting Accuracy Straight line, Circle, up to 45-degree angles
Cutting Thickness 5-50mm
Machine Weight 7.0 KG
Machine Weight (with one Torch Fitted) 9.5 KG
Machine Dimensions 350 x 140 x 175mm
Length of the Guide Rail 1.8 metres
Track Width 160mm

Basic Data

Part Number BCG31I230
Weight 11.5 KG
Track Length 2 X 1.2M
Metal Thickness 5-50mm
Circle Radius 0.2 – 2 M

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