Navitek Shock Welding Helmet & Hard Hat Complete


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Navitec "Shock" Auto Darkening welding/grinding system complete with hard hat.

Light and ergonomically designed safety helmet (893g)

Robust and well designed ratchet headgear

Ability to lock the welding mask in the “up” position

The hard hat is manufactured in ABS to EN397

Fitted with Weltek S4 ADF – 4 arc sensors proven for all welding applications, as well as ‘grind mode’

DIN 5 shade protection on side vision

Combined grinding clear vision

Ideal for the construction industry

The headgear is suspended through 6 points on the hard hat for improved comfort and safety. The width is adjusted on the back, through a large and easily accessible knob, even with gloves on. The reinforced ratchet allows the complete set to be locked into position, and decreases the impact of the front overhang. 

The helmet can be locked in the upward position thanks to two side mechanisms with reinforced metallic springs. The welder can then walk with the welding helmet lifted and with a perfectly clear vision, with no risk of helmet falling. 

The Navitek® shell and all its polycarbonates are certified for grinding with the specific standards EN 166B and EN 175B. The visor is made in perfectly clear 1,0mm thick polycarbonate. 

The Navitek® is based on a large clear visor for perfect vision during grinding. The Navitek® shell and all its polycarbonates are certified for grinding with the specific standards EN 166 B and EN 175 B. This large clear visor also provides protection to the operator during working phases other than grinding, while preserving the protection of the safety helmet. 

The side vision provides an additional safety feature thanks to the shade DIN 5 polycarbonate. These side vision windows enable the welder to expand his/her viewing area to 160°: ideal on construction sites or multiple risks areas. The shade DIN 5 is dark enough to avoid any dazzle risk from a nearby welding arc, ensuring full protection against UV and infrareds. 

Positioned into the liftable front frame, the S4 auto darkening filter offers a 93x43mm viewing area with a perfect vision of the fusion during welding thanks to excellent 1/1/1/2 optical classes. 

The 4 arc sensors are associated to a very fast switching speed of 0,2ms for a flawless detection of the welding arc, with all welding processes: electrodes, MIG/MAG, TIG. 

Each complete Shock helmet is delivered with its own storage bag. This bag provides a safe storage of the complete welding helmet combined to the safety hard hat, and easy storage of spare parts. 

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