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Maxifil Stationary 400volt [3 phase] Flexible 2 metre Arm

65 850 100

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Brand: Kemper
Product Model:
65 850 100
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MaxiFil stationary 400v [3 phase] with Flexible 2 Metre Arm
  • High filter capacity
  • Safe filter change
  • Also suitable for high-alloy steel
  • Medium levels of smoke and dust
  • Regular use
  • Safe operation by rotation field control
  • Exhaust arm requires less adjustment due to exhaust hood design
  • Increased safety due to filter monitoring
  • Increased safety with safe filter change
  • Very economic due to long lasting high capacity filters
  • 360 degrees rotating exhaust hood with damper
  • Automatic Start/Stop (optional)
  • Lighting in the hood (optional)
  • Arm 2m (with boom)
  • Silencer
  • Control box
  • Accessories
  • Automatic Start/Stop
  •  Workplace lighting incl. on/off switch at the hood

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