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Gas Leak Detection Spray


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Leak Detection Spray


The Leak-Tek T Leak Detector is used to expose leaks and cracks in gas equipment.


Leak-Tek is suitable for use in processes that involve using gas, such as Oxy/Acetylene or Oxy/Propane equipment- hoses, regulator nuts, shank valves, headnuts etc as well as MIG and TIG regulators. Also ideal for use on installs to ensure all equipment is in perfect condition before use.


The Leak-Tek spray is an oil-free, non-toxic, milky spray, available in either a spray can or a trigger bottle. This product is non-flammable, non-corrosive, bio-degradable, environmentally friendly with no CFC’s and will not form combustible mixtures with other gases. In addition, the Leak Tek T trigger spray, is EN14291:2004 compliant and it’s non-corrosive formula eliminates cylinder nozzle degradation. To test, fill the pipes and spray the leak detector over the connections. If the spray bubbles, this indicates a leak in the equipment. When sprayed, it gives a low discharge milky liquid which all dried residue can be washed away by water.


Size 400ml aerosol spray

 Appearance White milky liquid

Removal Can be washed away with water

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