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Double Seal Purge System (124 mm – 138 mm)


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Silicon Double Seal Systems are the recommended system to use when the application demands the highest quality end results.

They are used extensively in the Nuclear industry and are ideal when welding titanium and other exotic materials.

Typical purge times of less than two minutes mean gas and labour costs can be significantly reduced and production time increased.

The sealing discs are high quality silicone and guarantee airtight seals. They are UV and temperature resistant up to 320C and perfect when welding elbows and bends.

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K-Series Double Seal Purge System (124 mm – 138 mm)

Silicon Double Seal Purging System

The inlet and outlets have twin sealing discs joined by a flexible or rigid connector.

Purging gas is diffused into the weld chamber, air exits through the secondary twin disc unit. The even flow of gas reduces turbulence and the risk of oxygen in the welding chamber.

Features & Advantages

  • Typical purge times of less than 2 minutes
  • High quality silicon sealing discs
  • Guaranteed gas tight seal
  • UV and temperature resistant up to 330 degC
  • Suitable for purging pipes, elbows and fittings
  • Can be used as gas fingers and pipe stoppers
  • Double Seal Systems increase productivity and reduce labour costs

Please state FLEX or RIGID Connector when ordering

How it Works

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Part Numbers and Sizing

Part No. Pipe I/D Range (mm) Connector Options Connector Lengths (mm)
KDS16-19 16 – 19mm Flex 100mm
KDS19-24 19 – 24mm Flex 100mm
KDS24-29 24 – 29mm Flex 100mm
KDS29-34 29 – 34mm Flex 100mm
KDS34-38 34 – 38mm Flex 100mm
KDS38-43 38 – 43mm Flex and Rigid 120/60mm
KDS43-48 43 – 48mm Flex and Rigid 120/60mm
KDS47-53 47 – 53mm Flex and Rigid 120/60mm
KDS52-58 52 – 58mm Flex and Rigid 120/60mm
KDS64-72 64 – 72mm Flex and Rigid 120/60mm
KDS78-86 78 – 86mm Flex and Rigid 120/60mm
KDS90-101 90 – 101mm Flex and Rigid 150/100mm
KDS100-112 100 – 112mm Flex and Rigid 150/100mm
KDS120-130 120 – 130mm Flex and Rigid 150/100mm
KDS124-138 124 – 138mm Flex and Rigid 150/100mm
KDS144-155 144 – 155mm Flex and Rigid 150/100mm
KDS150-165 150 – 165mm Flex and Rigid 150/100mm
KDS197-206 197 – 206mm Flex and Rigid 150/100mm
KDS209-220 209 – 220mm Flex and Rigid 150/100mm
KDS246-257 246 – 257mm Flex and Rigid 150/100mm
KDS260-280 260 – 280mm Flex and Rigid 150/100mm
KDS290-320 290 – 320mm Flex and Rigid 150/100mm
KDSK16-165 16 – 165mm Complete Kit 120/60 150/100mm
KDSK16-220 16 – 220mm Complete Kit 120/60 150/100mm
KDSK16-320 16 – 320mm Complete Kit 120/60 150/100mm

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