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Hose Tail Regulator Fitting 1/4″ [6mm] x 3/8″ [10mm] – Pack of 10


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Hose Tail Regulator Fitting 1/4″ [6mm]]x 3/8″ [10mm] – Pack of 10

A hose tail is used with a hose nut to attach a gas hose to a connection on a item of gas equipment (e.g. regulators, shanks and cutters).Available for a variety of hose bore sizes. Use with hose nuts and o clips on high compression fittings to secure in place and seal.


The tail passes through the nut and the hose is secured onto it, the nut is then tightened onto the relevant equipment connection. Hose tails in three configurations, to suit popular hose bore sizes and standard hose nut dimensions. 1/4″ hose tails are usually used with 6mm gas hose.

5/16″ tails are used with 8mm hose.

3/8″tails are usually used with 10mm gas hose. The 3/16″ hose tail size is used with a 5mm gas hose.

1/4″ BSP hose nuts are suitable for connecting hoses to lightweight style shanks, whereas 3/8″ BSP nuts are used to connect to regulators, Type 3, 4 and 5 style shanks and NM type cutters.

Pack of 10

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